09 December, 2012


You sure have heard of PSEPHOLOGY, the science [and art] of election statistics and forecast.

Understanding the Hindutva poster boy's moves and reactions may be called Modilogy.

Going by this he seems to have become a little nervous of the outcome of the current Assembly elections. His raking up of Sir Creek and Pak Minister Rehman's referral to Babri Masjid indicate a veiled attempt to polarize his hardcore Hindutva voters along communal lines. Every time he feels he is in trouble he does this.

MODIMETER: The following broad parameters govern the nature of operation of Modimeter

a. Indicating need for Hindu consolidation:
Macho Hindu display
Provocative speeches
Outright derision of Muslims and Christians
Fake Encounters
Low intensity riots
Genocide and carnage, where necessary followed by a gaurav yatra

b. Indicating need for general state-wide consolidation
Rallies, Yatras, Melas to establish people connect
Attack on the Sonia family
Attack on the specific ministries of the Central government
Attack on 'Delhi darbar'
Attack on the US and 'foreign countries' in general and Italy in particular
Speeches invoking Gujarati asmita
Outright seditious speeches

More: You will most likely not hear much of him tomorrow, the polling day. He will save his bravado and 'Look, I knew we will win' comments till he has a fairly good evidence to smile.

Depending upon the outcome this is what will follow:
If he wins comfortably: Sadbhavna, 6 crore Gujarati's trust, All India appeal
If he loses miserably: foreign conspiracy, specially by Pakistan and Italy, funded by
Saudi Arabia
If the outcome is in between: the response will hover between 'development' to
planning a new polarization

We keep our fingers crossed, and ears tuned to Gandhinagar. .

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