19 December, 2012


Following the furore from the unthinkable rape in a moving bus in Delhi this topic is once again current. Indeed, it is never completely off the mind due to its scaring recurrence lately.

One often reflects on this amongst the most heinous of the crimes humans commit for sheer 'pleasure'. I wonder if Islamic punishment of stoning to death is relevant and justified. By then adultery, too, attracts the same punishment in Islam, I guess, while the laws of the land distinguish between forced and voluntary acts. I need some education here, too.

What then is the definition of 'rape'? From female liberals to the socialites many have, diluted the definition, robbing it of its severity. Now, a wannabe actress happily sleeps with her would be director for months in greed of being cast in his forthcoming film and then screams rape: and some of us buy that. Mike Tyson's girl friend screamed 'rape' 17 years later and settled for a few million bucks. Recently we guess something of the kind happened with the former chief of the IMF.

We can't remain prudish on such barbaric crimes and shy away from discussing, probing and attempting to find solutions. Who will? This is an adult's forum and everything can be discussed with due decorum, discretion and civility, as long as the purpose is academic, philosophic and constructive, not titillation and vulgarity. And administrators monitor this.

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