21 December, 2012


A friend who prefers to remain anonymous due to   understandable reasons has sent this for us to ponder. I   may not agree with some observations but others definitely   invite our serious introspection. Over to you. For the   purpose of this post please refer to this friend as AF   ---------------------------- 

 On a deeper thought and closer study of results me dont find the picture as dark and gloomy as it appeared y'day.. i too like Mr. Nisaar Shaikh dont agree with point 'a' and 'b'.. before passing the entire blame to Hindu communalism we must consider these points too... First, if we notice, voters of more than 32 constituencies have rejected BJP and voted for Congress.. but congress has shamefully failed to protect the faith of voters of more than 22 constituencies who trusted them and voted for them in last 2 elections..

direct communal propaganda being almost nil this time we cant blame this loss to communalism alone.. and those who supported congress in times like 2002 and 2007 at least dont deserve the abuse of being called communal if they voted for BJP this time.. its clearly a loss b'coz of disappointment of voters towards performance of cong. MLAs.. i can personally name a few who have never cared for their area and people and still given chance term after terms.. then it will be immoral on our part to expect them to continue the same trend just to prove their love for Muslims..

just imagine had congress defended all their previous seats they wud have emerged victorious with more than 32 new seats added to their account.. whose fault it is if they cudnt justify people's faith in them?? Secondly, i strongly disagree with above two points as Congress has suffered heavy losses in Muslim majority areas like Bharuch and Kutch.. what are the explanations for this?? do point 'a' and 'b' apply there too?? and Muslim MLAs who revolted against congress and stood independently and caused loses to congress.. what abt them??

They definitely cant be called communal.. but deserve far worse abuses than the Hindus voting for BJP.. why to let them go Scot free for contributing in the the disaster? Thirdly, if u go by voting % u will find that majority voters have rejected Modi. I am not at all trying to say that Hindus are not communal and justice loving or Muslim lovers or something like that.. but i think they are largely indifferent.. they vote for those who can benefit them.. not vastly with the consideration of some1 being well wisher of Muslims or perpetrator of Muslims.. Gujarati voters hardly have enough political maturity or ethical, moral awareness to go by either of the two arguments.. they simply think abt themselves.. and this includes both hindus and muslims..

And lastly, i might have sounded harsh but i believe we have to be rational while analyzing the results.. we cant go by same beliefs for ever.. we have to learn to dissect the minute facts and enlarge our views beyond a single point, that is communalism.. Im sure u will not misunderstand me sir, as u know what and how i myself feel abt the outcomes.. im just trying to console myself and all my friends who are deeply pained and wounded, saying that picture is not as dark and gloomy as it appears to us.. still hopes are there.. but the way out will not be ensured just by attacking one side.. there has to be positive, constructive work on the other side as well.. if congress keeps losing gained seats every time and earning new, this cycle is never going to end.. Just as BJP cant expect votes every time in the name of Hindutva, Congress cant do the same in the name of secularism alone.. ultimately work matters.. and they will have to work hard in future.. there is no other option..


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