09 January, 2013

A Joint Resolution by


We the people of India and the people of Pakistan do hereby jointly and unequivocally condemn the violation of ceasefire by both sides, and urge both the governments and the two armies to sincerely honour the 2003 ceasefire scrupulously.

We strongly condemn and mourn the killing of one Pakistani soldier and of two Indian soldiers. We solemnly declare that beheading or mutilating human bodies is unacceptable and barbaric and urge both the nations to identify and punish the culprit. Since the Govt of Pakistan has denied its army’s hand in this gruesome act, we request it to issue such an assurance.

We also request both the nations to swiftly initiate a process of restoring mutual confidence and to counsel to their defense chiefs, their ministers and official spokespersons, their retired defense officers and security advisors due restraint in their public statements.

We are sure that posterity will judge their courage and patriotism not from the revenge they wreaked but from the peace they won for their respective people in these troubling times, and for the progress resulting from such peace.

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