15 January, 2013


That is what it has already become. The border skirmishes have been inflated into a near diplomatic war. Consider these:

a. Pak senior citizens visa-on-arrival commencement put on hold
b. Pak hockey players asked to leave
c. Pak women's cricket team not coming for an ICC tournament
d. Indian PM says it will not be 'business as usual' any more.
e. The serving Indian army general and his deputy both indicate toughening stance
f. Indian PM calls on President and his NSA meets opposition leaders
g. The flag meet between border commanders nearly failed
h. Name calling, LOC violation accusations increase rapidly

To further complicate matters
a. Pak PM stands dismissed by Pak SC
b. Pakistan's Anna Hazare, Tahir Qadri's long march almost succeeds in Pakistan, calls for change

Virtually the peace process is halted and the discourse has become dangerously aggressive.

The point is arriving very fast where saner voices will feel subdued and be silenced. On both sides, the peaceniks, the doves, the pacifists.. will be discredited, their patriotism will be questioned. The war mongers will have a field day.

Let a thought also go to the patriotic but peace-loving Indian Muslims and Pakistani Hindus who will be the worst sufferers in this.

To nail the issue that is publicly sold: Isn't it astonishing that Pakistani authorities can't find and return the severed head of the Indian soldier? After all, it was an Indian soldier, and Indians could not have severed his head? Either the Pak army or their Jihadis did this, and they owe to us to return this. On the other hand why doesn't India accept Pak proposal to let the UN investigate this issue, since Pak army's internal inquiry reports they did not sever it?

Aman Ki Aasha, remains unfulfilled, alas! It is almost nirasha now.

In recognition of this reality I am replacing the joint flag symbol that I used on a peace appeal online petition, as follows:

If you still opt for peace please sign this one:

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