07 January, 2013


Another shameful spectacle awaits us today, at the Pravas Bharati Divas.

These johnnies - the sons-in-law of the Govt of India - who abandoned their motherland for the sake of their own material pursuits, feel a weird sense of guilt at this, and tend to patronize the most rabid 'nationalistic' causes possible, as if to atone for their failure to serve the motherland.

Scholars and researchers have revealed that the VHP receives its largest funding from Americans, specially NRGs. No wonder. These are the 'modern' and 'progressive' Indians who have the benefit of witnessing the global advances of science and technology, of living in and taking advantage of multi-cultural and secular polities, and yet they will, today, applaud and give a rousing reception to the most rabid icon of hate and exclusion, Narendra Modi. It is benumbing to see them, the beneficiaries of liberalism, Catholicism, progress and inclusion, exhibit this naked partisanship. Do they not consider India as the home of the Muslims, too? Do they not regard that injustice to Muslims would hurt the progress of their motherland, too?

One should have thought that at least these persons would neutralize partisanship, communalism, sectarianism, and, indeed all forms of retrograde thinking. Instead, what have you? The very opposite. But a helpless Govt of India needs their dollars and euros, and will keep offering bouquets to these undeserving, over-rated escapists.

I am also ashamed that some Muslims of US and UK have tended to be far less progressive and far more fundamentalist than their native counterparts.

Nothing that appears up above here, undermines the world class contribution and unparalleled secularism of men like Dr Amartya Sen, Lord Bhikhu Parekh etc. I am clearly referring to the other specie.

How much I hope some of them have drawn a lesson from the depressing spectacle they made last year at Jaipur! Can they look into the eyes of Gandhi in their logo and consult their conscience?

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