13 January, 2013


Our society comprises varied people. Most exist, take life as it comes, and perpetuate what they receive; do not question, learn and improve. They merely be.
Then there are those that try to find, question, know. They are very knowledgeable on most matters. Some of them become walking encyclopedia. Astonishingly, however, they keep themselves from action. Some even remain unaffected; sometimes their knowledge doesn’t influence even their own behaviour. Imagine scientists who remain superstitious, for instance.
Then there are those who like action, as long as they don’t have to act themselves. They are ready to advise you how to do, what to do and what not to do. Since they have never done a thing, they tend to become arrogant about their ability to change things. They have a ringside view and remain there. Some can even evaluate your doing and criticize your ways. They know swimming but rather than jump and save a drowning child they might admonish him for not learning swimming. Worse, imagine someone whose house caught fire, and he was found advising neighbours on how to extinguish it.
Then there are those who are not content with knowing, watching, advising. They do whatever little they can. They may not know much as they don’t have the patience of waiting to learn it all; they are not perfect; but they prefer to do something while their limbs move; they are too sensitive to suffering to remain spectators. They go beyond being armchair philosophers.

Our world owes to all of these in varying measures. But more than any, it owes much to these persons of action.
Let’s trace ourselves in this categorization. We may even fit in more than one category. But let’s ask, is this all I could do?

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