20 January, 2013


How can I assure you that I am against dynastic politics? I was not happy when Sanjay Gandhi was being pushed up. But I felt some strange sense of patriotic pride when Sonia Gandhi declined power. Yet I was dismayed when allegations were cast on Robert Vadhra and wrote on this page seeking an investigation into his wealth.

About Rahul Gandhi I could hitherto form no opinion one way or the other although I felt curious as to why he was not taking state power.

But today just this hour I heard Rahul Gandhi speak to his partymen at Jaipur in his maiden speech as the VP of the Congress.

In all fairness and without making any other claim, I wish to say that I felt deeply happy for my country, for my people, and for the future. If he is what he said today, I am optimist about India. If he walks the talk India will be better off, I sincerely feel.

For a long time I have not heard Indian politicians speak this language. Allow me to say I am willing to set aside my reservations against dynastic succession, for once. I wish this young man success in delivering his vision. I wish his party to live up to that vision.

I don't know how you felt about this speech but I will be grateful if you share your views here.

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