11 January, 2013


[This post is directed only towards Indian friends]

On Indo-Pak issues, I have been writing and responding to posts at Aman Ki Asha. But technically that is a joint group. For reasons of patriotism I must write the following post only on an Indian platform. Hence this, here.

I am sorry to opine that I feel that Indian media is blowing up the recent unfortunate incidents deliberately. Consider the following actual utterances I have heard today on various channels by many of our worthies:

a. Pakistani soldiers entered Indian territory, beheaded our soldiers and took them away as their trophies. [Is this established? Is this a recognized truth?]

b. Pakistanis did this by design, careful planning and with complete involvement of their army and the govt. [Again, is this proved? Is there evidence to this effect?]

c. Look at the Israelis and Americans? They chase their enemies right into their territory and teach a lesson that the enemy would never forget. India is impotent that it is not exercising this option. [Really? We should send our troops, any drones or what?]

d. [Some retired generals, BJP's Shah Nawaz etc said this:] India should not take this lying low. We tolerated 26/11, but no more. No, we are not suggesting going to war, but India should give a fitting reply [and what should that reply be?]

e. Even Doordarshan [presumably a govt spokesman] is right now telecasting a debate [2200 hrs IST]. Almost everyone of the panelists is unequivocally advocating retaliation, with more than half actually suggesting that we go, kill Pakistani soldiers, capture their territories or wage a limited war. [Could you believe this? I heard every word]

And everybody is saying that they are reflecting merely the public opinion. Which public? The same that wanted to take out government of India on corruption? On Delhi gangrape? To hand it over to Anna, Ramdev or General V K Singh?

As an Indian I am bewildered why we are not agreeable to Pakistani suggestion to involve UN in oversight, mediation or arbitration? "That way Pakistan will internationalize bilateral issues" So, what? Why would be afraid of UN overseeing this? What do we have to hide? And, what is the alternative if both parties claim innocence?

The issue is very serious and I seek Indian friends' considered, reasoned and well argued responses.

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