03 January, 2013


Lunatic Outburst of Muslim Leader

A Muslim legislator of the Majlis-e-Ittehad-al-Muslimeen, Akbaruddin Owaisi, is said to have delivered a poisonous, communal speech at a public meeting recently, in Andhra Pradesh.

SPRAT, committed to fighting communalism, strongly denounces this completely insane speech and demands that strict action be taken against the speakerin accordance with the law swiftly. Going by the contents, as reported, the speaker also needs to be referred to a psychiatrist and perhaps admitted to a lunatic asylum.

We challenge this macho Muslim, pretending bravado, to come to Gujarat and challenge the Hindutva communalism here, and to work for genuine Muslim empowerment in accordance with the law.

We appeal to the Muslims of India, in general, and those of Hyderabad in particular, to reconsider their support for such hateful creatures who, operating from the sanctuary of their well-guarded holes, significantly add to the woes of the already insecure community, all over India, through their irresponsible utterances.

Incidentally, we also grieve that the national media actually promotes such elements by presenting them as the sole and authentic voice of the Muslims, which is not true.


[M Hasan Jowher]

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