21 February, 2013


The demon of terrorism has raked its ugly head again. This time in India in Hyderabad. Or technically in Dilsukhnagar, Cyberabad in a district adjacent to Hyderabad.

12 innocents have already died and many are critically injured. May their families gather the fortitude to bear this terrible, terrible loss. It is not just death but the manner of dying that adds to the pain of those living behind.

That is where the state and the society can play some role in assuaging their hurt. If the dead are Hindus the Muslims, and if they are the Muslims, the Hindus should reach out to the bereaved families, using sagacious intermediaries if necessary, and offer all possible help. If the bereaved are financially deprived, the other community should immediately try to mobilize and set up an endowment for their rehabilitation. Nothing can compensate for the loss but these steps will minimize the pain and reduce the possible inter-community hatred that is bound to emerge.

And everybody together should unitedly call for justice - swift, firm and transparent justice. I hope that the NIA has done enough of profiling to be able to apprehend the guilty. But until then the judgment should be withheld, and language be restrained.

Let the on-line community play a constructive part in assuaging the pain of the suffering people and in helping improve trust and mutual cooperation.

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