24 June, 2012



24 JUN 2012
If several Hindus of Gujarat - and some outside - vote for Narendra Modi, despite the serious charges levied against him on all the counts that his acolytes praise him for [pro-development, pro-poor, clean, far-sighted, humane etc] by the senior leaders of BJP, one can ask them, why? Why go for a questionable character whom Muslims hate en-masse?
From actors, to writers to common men who praise this man happen to share one characteristic unfailingly: hatred for Muslims.
Try naming a dozen achievers who have worked for Muslim inclusion, if not amelioration, and also praise Narendra Modi.
Now, if Modi-lovers want him as India’s Prime Minister, clearly they do not wish Muslims well, do not care about their sensitivities. Then, why should Muslims care about them? And accept such a person as the country’s Prime Minister? Why not launch a civil disobedience movement against him?
One strongly feels that Modi’s assumption of that office would launch a thousand mutinies, and no one can honestly fault the mutineers.
As the UPA continues to take beating, as of now, it appears plausible that BJP may emerge the largest party and this man be installed at its helm.
All valuers of humanism, secularism and national integration would do well to both thwart this possibility and also to be better prepared to face the consequences. One deal that appears politically sensible for negotiation with BJP is to demand that it publicly commits to the setting up of a Non-discrimination Commission and an Equal Opportunities Commission in the first month of its assumption of power. Eminent citizens of India may open a public debate with BJP along these lines.
Your comments for, against or about this suggestion please?
JUNE 24 2012

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  1. For sake of national integration, all Muslims should be thrown out out India.

    Muslims of India are second class muslims. Even though islam says all Muslims are brothers and thus are equal, it is a fact that muslims of india do not have the same priviledges as arab muslims.

    A muslim of India cannot buy property in mecca and live there for the rest of his life. This priviledge is for arabs alone. This effectively proves that Indian muslims are second class muslims that behave as slaves of rhe arabs. Indian muslims are also never allowed ro marry arab ladies, which is one more example why muslims of india are of a lower class than the arabs.

    If indian muslims tolerate second class trearment in saudi arabia and other arab states, why should rhey not get second class treatment in India? I have not got an answer to this question from an ok indian muslim so far.