06 April, 2013


So, NARENDRA MODI wants to “serve India”, having “served Gujarat”. SERVING INDIA? You mean like Gandhi did? May be, or may be just the opposite of it. He is said to be a committed RSS pracharak. RSS claims to be non-political, nationalist and social service organization. The basis of allotment of a lot of land to RSS in Gujarat is that it is a non-political socio-cultural organization. And money, power, chair, nomenclatures ought not to bother, nor tempt true sevaks. So, why doesn’t Modi renounce power -as did Sonia Gandhi, for instance? Or why can’t he dismiss Prime Ministership as irrelevant – as did Rahul Gandhi, for instance? How truly great would he look if he were to actually promise “I WILL NEVER BE THE PRIME MINSTER OF INDIA”? How his “unselfishness” and “grandeur” would be established even to his critics if only he cast aside this silly, little position! After all, doesn’t he every so often claim that position, power and chair never mattered to him. That all he ever wanted was to SERVE? And surely one CAN SERVE outside of political and public offices? Doesn’t Anna Hazare serve? Didn’t Gandhi serve? Didn’t Jay Prakash Narayan and Vinoba Bhave serve? Did they NOT serve India? May be, his admirers should take up this simple challenge we throw at them: if Modi is truly selfless, if he truly has a social vision for INDIA, if he just wants to serve the whole of INDIA, let him rise above petty partisan politics and proclaim publicly and solemnly: I SHALL NOT BE THE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA - EVER. You try to convince him. We will be convinced automatically.

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