07 April, 2013


I have often thought of this. Is it solely due to 2002? My honest answer is NO. I dislike him for a number of other reasons. Some are: - He is cheap and reduces public discourse to vulgar standards; uses foul language, hits people below the belt, plays to the basest instincts of the masses [I wonder how some define this trait as 'political acumen'] Recall what cheap expressions he used for Sonia, Priyanka.. - He is vengeful, unforgiving, revenge seeker [the rare instances he showed magnanimity - like calling upon Keshubhai after defeating him, was entirely for political reasons]. Haren Pandya's father died claiming that Modi was behind his son's murder. Modi did not allow the late leader's statue. Not even a staircase to clean it recently. - He lies blatantly, boldly, repeatedly. He can shamelessly twist facts, distort sayings and data and paint an illusion perfectly deceitfully. Consider how he fails to acknowledge Gujarat's failings, or how he twisted Soniya's charge of 'maut ka saudagar' [for Sohrabuddin encounter] etc. - He is disrespectful towards elders, ladies, the vulnerable - He is so full of himself, self-centred, boastful, arrogant [his courtesies are sheer hypocrisies] He spends considerable time, energy and money on his make-up, dress, spectacles. Completely contrary to RSS image, Gandhi style. - He is ignorant; lacks a sense of history, elementary understanding of our cosmos, clearly knows so little about the world's two largest communities: Christians and Muslims. Which is why he carries such a low opinion about them, and has a jaundiced, chauvinist and an ignorant's perception of them - He is uncultured and uncouth; not the kind I would like to engage in a private conversation. You feel he is up to some crafty trick, and will use and throw you - He is untrustworthy [look how he used and cast aside L K Advani, the Hindutva, the RSS, Pravin Togadia] - He is opportunist [today for his Pr. Ministerial aspirations he courts Muslim clergy. Yesterday he called them unworthy of anything better than repairing puncture and doing petty jobs, and stealing water and electricity..] Look how he invokes imagery of Vivekananda, Gandhi, Vajpayee My dislike of the man is both subjective and objective. This is how I feel. And I hope I am honest in my assessment. How do you feel about this man?   

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