17 May, 2013


An occasion of sadistic, vicarious joy for me! This spot fixing scandal.

Yes, I write this seemingly outrageous post shamelessly, because I believe that:
a. cricket is excessively over-rated, both as a game and also as an entertainer
b. cricketers are over-rated both as sportspersons and as humans
c. this one game has single-handedly damaged all other games put together in India. Look at our Olympic shame thanks, to the convergence of all our advertisement, human, leisure and pleasure resources on this one game
d. Our hockey, our national game, is in shambles. Our football - the poor man's affordable game - lies in despair. Our athletics doesn't exist. Gone are also a lot of our indigenous, native games.

As a social activist I hold cricket responsible for denying many of us the pleasure of true sports. But the hype around it is so immense that even its direct losers and sufferers can go to war with me on its side!

May I hope that this madly industry-driven game will now take some back seat yielding some space to other games of India?

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