28 May, 2013


Some feminists maintain that it is entirely their prerogative to dress the way they want, anywhere and all the time, short pants, mini skirts, low-necklined uppers, backless blouses etc. But that they feel intruded upon and robbed of their privacy and violated when men ogle at them.

While I am all for restraining men from gazing at women, specially at ‘normally’ dressed women and for merely the reason that they are women. Clearly that is violence by sight. And there are a number of women who feel very uncomfortable at this. But the question here is, do all of them dislike this?

May be. Or may be not.

But first, why do they wear short clothes, sport low necklines, show off backless..? Quite possibly the largest reason may be, err, money. Obviously the lesser the cloth the lesser the cost! Some may even be feeling the heat of the climate. Oh, it is so hot out there, specially during the summers. A little wind wouldn’t harm, would it? In some other cases it may be just a matter of convenience. Why change inside and outside the home?

But at least in the remaining few cases there lurks a nagging suspicion the women want to be seen! Well, OK, at least they don’t mind being seen!!

I wonder what would happen if men were suddenly programmed not to ogle at women. Not to take any notice at all of the drooping necklines, rising hemlines, missing backsides et al? I dare say some would take offence. But how to tell which ones of them would? Poor confused men, losers either way.

On that note what if men as muscular as Salman Khan were to move about bare chested displaying all their raw strength and muscular appeal? Would they go and sue women for ogling at them? More importantly, should they? And why should they not? Are they not being robbed of their privacy? Are they not being harassed merely for their bodies? Is their modesty not being violated?

Ah, you see, complaining is not a manly prerogative. Men are condemned to be the accused. For ever.

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