20 May, 2013


NEWS: "60 die, several injured in a series of car bomb attacks in central and southern Iraq| 24 policemen killed amid eruption of violence in Iraq |Tribal chiefs in Iraq warn of war after the latest wave of sectarian violence"

No day passes when some Muslims - children, civilian women and men - are not killed in Iraq. If we sum up those killed by Muslims must outweigh those killed by the invading Americans and their allies.

Yes political pundits can say - and justifiably - that quite like the British left a communally divided India behind, the Americans left an Iraq divided along sectarian lines.

Is it entirely unfair, though, in the same vein and on the same logic, to also question the role of Islam in these barbaric killings? Isn't it in the name of Islam that all these Shias and Sunnis are killing each other? After all culturally and geo-politically they are one people. It is only along sectarian lines that they are different.

If politics is to blame, so must religion be. And how long will we turn ostrich like from this harsh reality?

I am afraid their unity until now was forged by dictatorial compulsions. The democratic compulsions permit killings now!

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