31 May, 2013


Clearly a major catastrophe has struck India last week. And one person that could have resolved all our problems is refusing to do so. Naturally, therefore, the entire media is after him. Or so it seems from the 24-hr electronic news coverage and print headlines.

In a silly money driven game called cricket, some silly players collected some filthy money selling some secrets or doing some silly things because many silly bets were to be hedged thereupon.

The kingpin appears to be the son-in-law of the big boss of this silly game. Abbreviated as Srini, N Srinivasan refuses to leave the Presidency of BCCI and the entire media circus is after him to do so, every hour of the bulletin.

I remember the US media also did such crazy, round-the-clock coverage of an event. They called it 9/11, in which reportedly about three thousand people died.

Now, watching our national television channels one would feel that something quite as serious has taken place here. Because all our rapes, political maneuverings, accidents, epidemics, starvations, heat strokes... and our innovations, triumphs, achievements of a billion-minus-eleven people have been relegated to the fine print.

Or is it just another storm-in-the-tea-cup that our media is increasingly getting crazy about?

And if so, isn't it time someone called their bluff?

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