21 May, 2013


As I write this Headlines Today is putting out Lok Sabha poll forecasts if elections were held today. The Congress is suffering all around except in Karnataka, while the BJP is gaining marginally. The third front parties are the biggest gainers. But the poll forecast changes dramatically when hypothetically Modi is projected the leader of NDA. The BJP tally jumps to 225 [short of majority mark] at the expense of the third front parties, due to increased polarization. In sum, Modi benefits the BJP in terms of numbers of seats won. Whether or not that leads him to become the PM may be debatable. But at 225 horse trading becomes easy. The scenario for the Congress is bleak as things stand, according to this poll. I do not believe this forecast to be accurate but this certainly raises my anxiety. The Congress has been a victim of poor communication, guilty of giving too much leeway to DMK, and also suffered a thoroughly adverse press. Corporate media has successfully beaten the party. I do hope that UPA have some cards up their sleeves, and have prepared and are ready with startling plans for 2013- 14. Else we are doomed to suffer a reign of Moditva - and consequential terrorism, and possibly disintegration.   

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