16 June, 2013


Come, Join Me!

Time was when Gandhi gave a clarion call to fight the British and many a dedicated man and woman gave up lucrative careers and took the plunge with the Mahatma.

No, I am certainly no Maha Atma, not even a speck before his stature, but I am driven by a sincere commitment, too. That Narendra Modi is an unmitigated disaster for the nation of India. This belief is as reasoned and strong as was Gandhi's that the Brits were a menace and source of India's impoverishment. Modi to my mind will bring to India turmoil, turbulence, chaos, disruption and possibly disintegration, just at a time when our nation appears well poised to arrive on global scene. His very presence at the helm will increase distances between genuine, patriotic Muslims and Hindus, and disrupt India's journey on constructive course. [Yes you may see quite a few sarkar, hired, 'professional' Musalmans around him]. His presence is divisive and the discourse, dialogue and the direction will all change from tangible and constructive to the trivial and pedestrian. This will promote hatred, revenge, communal and state violence, terrorism.. Polarization will promote divisiveness and separatism and even give rise to demands for another disastrous partition as apprehended by Sunanda K.Datta-Ray inhttp://www.asianage.com/columnists/modi-will-preside-over-another-partition-782.

Now, if you - Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs.., young and old, men and women, Gujaratis and non-Gujaratis, students and workers - are sincere in your opposition to him, and strongly love India, its pluralism, all its people, and wish to work for its evolution as the super power of peace and harmony on the planet, come and join me. Support me anywhichway.

Of course, right now we are talking only and strictly of constitutional and democratic means. [I don't know what happens when we fail and he assumes power. Will we be able to restrain some of ourselves from going underground and working to save the nation through technically 'unlawful' means.]

Let us work to thwart that need. Let us act while there is time yet. Through propaganda, education, sensitization, amongst resident Indians and NRIs, amongst college youth and young professionals, home makers and working women. Let's reach out to all his potential supporters.

Give me your committed time, from a few weeks to a few months. We will live together, eat together and work together. For a common, critical cause. And remember I oppose Modi, not just because of the genocide, but for a lot more reasons documented on these pages. Reason them with me anytime.

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