08 June, 2013


Nothing convinces me of the impotence of Indian Muslims [which includes everything from their lack of pride, will power, commitment, capacity to sacrifice and self respect] than the continuance and indeed the rise of Narendra Modi. This is so because they have suffered grievously at his hands, they have cried hoarse on this, and, typically did LITTLE. Precious Little.

On the contrary backstabbers like Raees Khan and the ilk of Zafar Sareshwalas, I A Saiyeds have had a field day. Very soon their admirers will outnumber mine, for such is the clamour for power and pelf. Modi acolytes openly tell "Throw bones at the dogs, and they wag their tails behind you"

The only worthwhile fight given to Modi came from eminent, committed Hindus such as Teesta, Mukul, Girishbhai, Mallika etc.

If Muslims carried a little more self respect, a little more sense of community pride, a little more sensitivity and a little more capacity to make sacrifices, Modi would be in jail, or out of politics, given the enormous goodwill many Hindus still have for Muslims and, given their commitment to human rights.

If Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India Muslims of India must hang their heads in shame. I challenge them to show me one such leader that other communities tolerated with such numbers and in such comfort, given the protection of the constitution of India.

Through an electronic petition [
http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/mr-narendra-modis-affidavit/ ] we are trying to prove that he is NOT acceptable to Muslims, and to a lot of Hindus. How many Muslims do you think arranged to get their friends's signatures on that petition? You guess.

They are obviously waiting either for God or for Teesta and Mukul to do this for them!

And I had hoped that at least the educated ones would be more sensitive and resourceful. Shame on us. Remember: khuda ne aaj tak us qaum ki haalat...?

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