09 June, 2013


Do I dislike Modi because he is a Hindu? What a stupid question! But that is what some people have accused me of, following my iPetition. Pity their mind.

I dislike him BECAUSE he is NOT a Hindu. Hinduism is about Ahimsa [or so said Gandhi], about Truth [or so said Radhakrishnan] and about Sarva Dharma Sambhava [or so said Vivekananda]. Modi stands for none of these.

Hindus are what I grew up amongst. And loved. If I were asked to choose a group for rebirth in, obviously I would opt to be born amongst Hindus.

He has been instrumental or complacent in the killing of some 2,000 Muslims. But equally seriously he has shamed Hinduism and a hundred crore Hindus by his misdeeds. If Gujaratis were to think deeply he has brought nothing but shame to Gandhi country.

Modi has robbed the Hindu community of innocence. Today an average Muslim child of Gujarat is suspicious of the Hindus, and regards them as cruel marauders.

We had conducted, with some members of the Rotract Club of Mumbai, a painting competition for the riot affected children. It was nightmarish seeing their paintings/drawings. Many of them tried to show Hindus/Trishuls attacking Muslims, disrobing mothers/sisters, igniting homes and trampling their toys.

His conduct AFTER these ghastly events fully justifies suspicion of his complacence if not connivance.

Moreover I dislike him because he LIES, debases politics to cheap, 'baazari' demagogy, insults and hits below the belt, employs raw muscle power in politics. He destroys the branches that helped him climb up the tree, and spies upon both foes and friends. He is all that my country's Prime Minister should not be. At any rate, he will remain susceptible to blackmail by all kinds of AmitShahs, Vanzaras, Barots..

Hence my opposition. Now, am I a patriot or an 'anti-national' that Modi-acolytes call me?

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