11 June, 2013


Time was when to a lot of Leftists, and the Minorities, Vajpayee appeared communal, fascist and apparently unacceptable. He came, he ruled and he vanished gracefully.

That was the time when people wished he ruled rather than hand the baton to Advani. Advani, the original Yatri, quite the architect of the Hindutva resurgence, appeared communal, fascist and unacceptable.

He came, nearly ruled, kept transmigrating between oblivion and activism with JanChetnas, and hailing Jinnah's 'secularism'. As he was distanced by the RSS he appeared more acceptable to the Left and the Minorities!!

Then came a time when his protege, the maverick and the mischievous Narendra Modi arrived. He nearly vanquished the old patriarch two days ago and nearly sent him to oblivion today.

To keep Modi away the secularists of India - and the Minorities - crave for Advani to stay at the helm in the BJP! They are actively mourning his ostracization in the party and wish for his resurrection. Advani now appears moderate, nay even liberal, secular, and a whole lot more acceptable. The NDA constituents like the JDU, that opted for Vajpayee in preference over Advani are clearly vying for him in preference over Modi!

So, what happened? Has the standard of India's secularism and moderateness consistently fallen leading to lowering expectations?

Or have the Hindutva leaders been recasting themselves shedding their unilateralism as they neared the power centre?

Or are both these forces at work?

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