14 July, 2013


I went through the pain of listening Modi out entirely, speaking at the Fergusons’.

With my limited knowledge and understanding of the world, I maintain that this was a pathetically mediocre and ordinary piece of talk, clever in its political objective, but bankrupt in its intellect and education.

He ridiculed the Congress, exaggerated Gujarat's achievements, only highlighted areas where Gujarat fared better, contradicted himself logically at least four times, painted a childish vision, used pedestrian analogies, rhyming words and catchy phrases, drew silly parallels, ignored or ridiculed the contribution of the Muslims and the British to the field of education in India and generally presented no big takeaways..

This much flaunted and awaited talk - shown live on over a dozen leading TV channels] turned out a damp squib on every count.

Isn’t it amazing that such a mediocre lecture should have been telecast live nation-wide in its entirety, and at the cost of so much else? Such is the reality of a living world - and the compulsions of the TRPs.

The talk was full of holes, contradictions, half truths, vagueness, lies and exaggerations. Any smart Ferguson student could have spoken better. Hence, what a shame that some amongst his doting audiences found any wisdom at all and clapped and cheered him.

Any smart researcher, TV anchor or yours sincerely can shred this lecture into smithereens. But, alas, where is the audience?

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