22 July, 2013


I am aghast that virtually all leading TV channels have targeted this Congress leader twisting his statement as being a justification for Muslim terror.

This was his tweet:
"Indian Mujahideen (IM) was formed after the Gujarat riots, says NIA in its chargesheet. Even now BJP and RSS will not desist from their communal politics?"

If the Congress caves in under this media onslaught and targets Shakeel and compels him to retract this, I would wish he resigns and stands by his tweet.

I don't know when IM was founded, or if IM even exists as such, or whether sporadic, disgruntled Muslim individuals are using that name. Whatever that be, and whether they are a Pakistani outfit or Indian, terrorism is terrorism and is condemnable with utmost force.

But to delink it from the Shiv Sena, BJP, VHP terrorism, and the genocide of Gujarat's Muslims in 2002 is foolhardy and deserves to be equally condemned. Only the deranged, communal and foolish people will believe that the right wing communalism has had no role in playing up the grievances of Muslims. Or that the anti-nationals and militants have worked upon the latent frustration of the aggrieved.

Arnab Goswami appeared patently partisan, opinionated and biased against Shakeel in his prime time debate tonight. He spoke less as an anchor, and more as a spokesperson for the right wing. Even the questions were clearly pre-screened for their anti-Congress flavour.

I will be happy if you can correct my perception with data, with dates of all incidences of Muslim terrorism ever since the Rath Yatra days.

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