15 July, 2013

Which party should appeal more?

Moreover the Congressmen have shown a semblance of repentance. They have even managed to install a Sikh gentleman [with due respect to all his well deserved credentials] to the top job of the nation.

Contrast this with Modi: not one ordinary minister in his cabinet, not one MLA even, or Chairman of any worthwhile corporation. Not one word of repentance in 11 yrs. I can NEVER forget his Gaurav Yatra and fake encounters [of which no educated person can have any doubt now whatsoever].

Moreover, please appreciate the huge difference: while Rajiv Gandhi may at best be accused of turning a blind eye to the massacre of Sikhs for two days [disregarding his terrible personal grief of the only parent's gruesome loss] Modi is personally accused of orchestrating the genocide meticulously for weeks and sporadically for months. [Some even accuse him of conspiring in the Godhra massacre itself].

The subsequent murder of Haren Pandya, numerous fake encounters and fake porno CD of Sanjay Joshi should convince us of this man's criminal mindset.

And what about the Tehelka expose where Babu Bajrangi in such vivid detail narrates how Modi personally congratulated him on Naroda Patia massacre]? And of the company he kept: of Maya Kodnani and Amit Shah...?

How many more evidences do we need?

His bankrupt speech at Ferguson with patent falsehoods is all that he could come up after such a fanfare... So much for his vision for India.

After much introspection and deliberations I reached the painful conclusion that if 'educated' and 'informed' people vouchsafe for Modi, they do so for some latent dislike of Muslims. In him and through him, they fulfil their unfulfilled retaliation.

How else can anyone find virtue in such a debased, intellectually dwarfed and scholarly crunched person for leading this gigantic nation of complex pluralities? And that despite the presence of several talented men and women in BJP itself?

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