20 August, 2013


Any further insight into Baloch issue and situation and whether it in some aspects resembles the plight of adivasis in Nymgiri and elsewhere in India?

Any parallels can be drawn between these two situations?

Lal salam
State atrocities against the Baloch people have intensified in the recent days. Military operations in Mach, Bolan, Dera Bugti, Quetta and other parts of Balochistan have claimed dozens of lives of innocent Baloch civilians and a large number have been abducted by the armed forces of Pakistan. Military offensives in different parts of Dera Bugti still continue full-fledged. The forces continue to impose wrath on the innocent civilian populace of RD 238, Doda Tibba and other areas of Sui.

Several people have been killed and wounded in the offensives but their exact figure and identities could not be ascertained because the offensive still continues and the areas remain under heavy siege of the forces. In fact, the entire region of Dera Bugti is under complete siege of Pakistani forces. Forces have blocked all the entrance and exit roads to the area and even the serious patients are not allowed to leave the region for medical treatment.

A Bugti tribesman, son of Phandi Bugti has passed away because of the lack of immediate medical treatment as the forces did not allow him to go to a hospital outside Dera Bugti. Houses have been looted, destroyed and torched. Civilians, including women and children, have been harassed and tortured.

In Quetta, forces launched a search & destroy operation in “Killi Qambarani” neighborhood and indiscriminately attacked the houses of Baloch civilians. Armed personnel of Pakistani forces violently broke in to the houses and targeted the residents including aged, youth, women and children. At least three civilians were killed and several others have been abducted during the operation. The wounded people have been abducted and taken away. The dead bodies of the killed are not being handed-over to the families. Relatives were badly tortured and turned back when they tried to take the dead bodies of the loved ones for funeral. Meantime, two more dead bodies of the abducted Baloch people have been found from Surjani town of Karachi.

The deceased have been identified as Ramzan Baloch and Ghafoor Baloch. Both men are said to be the residents of Turbat, Balochistan who were abducted by the state forces and their intelligence agencies. Each and every new government of the Pakistani state talks of peace and negotiations in Balochistan as they take the charge but all they do is to invent and implement news tactics and strategies to continue the systematic genocide of Baloch people. The state needs Balochistan not the Baloch people. The Baloch people are the biggest hurdle on its way to loot and plunder the natural resources of Balochistan.

Baloch Republican Party organized ceremonies and references in tribute to Shaheed-e-Azam Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti regarding his seventh martyrdom anniversary in Balochistan and different foreign countries including United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden and others.

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