24 August, 2013


I have read no less than a hundred scholarly articles in these years trying to sift any sound evidence, anything unique, different or original as to why so many Hindus like Modi. At the end of this substantial reading, I reached where I started from. The total and simple truth is that those who support Modi are also those that carry a latent hatred, or dislike, for Muslims or Islam - or at least for Pakistan of which they accuse Indian Muslims of being agents. What they speak in their bed rooms, their hero spoke from the podium. What they wished happened to the Muslims, their hero made it possible. I now need no further analysis. There is no complexity involved for me. If they like Modi, they hate you! Painful but mercifully SIMPLE. And that in a way makes it easy for me to deal with them: IF YOU ARE WITH MODI YOU ARE AGAINST US. AND I AM AGAINST YOU. [For the Muslim 'admirers' of Modi a separate explanation would be required]

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