30 August, 2013


There is merit in the argument that the poor benefits the least from the growth work of the government. He is the percolating beneficiary, the last one. For whose direct [REPEAT, Direct] benefit does the automobile sector, the flyovers, the bulk of the consumer electronic industry etc exist? The govt sensitivity to SENSEX or Rupee Rate usually works at the cost of policies for the poor. He is the vast, invisible index of our economy.

If these subsidized food, overpaid employment [MGNREGA] and LAB protection or shield are offered he is actually receiving what was his in the first place a long time ago.

I seriously ask you to question each bill on its merit.

Samir the villagers in Gujarat stopped the SIR development. The express ways are dividing farms, farms and wells, families, people and farms, farms and cattle, cattle and grazing fields. U-turn isn't that easy for them. The expressway landlocks the water flow, as a result the other side goes dry, and the flooding taking place on this side also ruins its crops...

There are many side-effects to development and we in the urban middle class or our metro TV anchors are not qualified to decide.

With the nanogenarian Gandhian Chunikaka I have travelled to villages and seen what their perspective is. It is as refreshingly honest and convincing..if not far more. That is why I do not approve Modi's development model, if this is the one.

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