09 August, 2013


I am sorry I had to choose this title for a group I admired for many decades. But such has been the conduct of Mr Ratan Tata that I do not regret it.

- Can there be any justification for an avowedly apolitical person like Ratan Tata to make such a politically loaded statement: "those who do not come to Gujarat are stupid". Those who come and virtually endorse a genocide must be blood-suckers, then.

- What talk of morality, Mr Tata? Your Radia tapes have earned the wrath of the Supreme Court with this observation: That the authorities have wrongly chosen to ignore the damaging content demanding that they be studied and investigated.

- If you had decency, honesty and transparency at heart, you would yourself make the entire deal public. Why this secrecy? Who are you afraid of? The people of Gujarat?

Deception of a gigantic scale, ain't it?

Now, if this is as it appears it is, are we in for THE LARGEST SCAM EVER IN GUJARAT?

This should shame the alleged Congress scams even at the national level. But why are the self-designated "patriots" [Modi acolytes] not discussing this, or many of the sins associated with this?

They do NOT give a damn to ethics, development, Gujarat, India.. they just WANT Modi. To fix Muslims. Period.

What they do not realize, though, is that this process has the scary and definite potential to fix them, too.

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