15 September, 2013


I can now imagine how the accomplished Germany and the learned Germans slid into the abyss of immorality and committed unspeakable crimes. Look how the Modi fans are lapping up all his non-sense! I am yet to hear one sensible speech of this maniac.
Even his oratory doesn’t leave me impressed. But something about him charges his audience. That has to be his image, his reputation that precedes him, viz, that he fixed Miyans of Gujarat and can fix them throughout India. That is the most ill-kept secret of our polity. He is clearly hoodwinking everybody for his personal and selfish goals but surprisingly an otherwise intelligent population sees only selflessness on his part. Wasn’t his how Hitler had mesmerized the Germans?
While most of the rest of the world saw only a demon in him, sizable numbers of Germans found vision and wisdom in him. Modi appears completely pedestrian in his discourse, blank in vision, intellectually bankrupt and completely devoid of scholarship of any sort.

Yet Hindutva intellectuals manage to stretch his dumb words to discover wisdom we didn’t. And look at the company he keeps: the less we list the better. Concerned what bodes for our dear motherland!

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