11 September, 2013


Every time I hear this nonsense I am enraged, for I live in one such state. By this logic Pakistani Hindus should be the happier of the lot, for there is NEVER a Hindu-Muslim riot there! Riots when happen when people dare to claim a slice of the cake, a semblance of equality. In BJP ruled states Muslims have been suppressed and subordinated to second grade citizenship. There won't be riots, but there would be genocide by the state and in the long run a civil war or partition. There is no escaping the consequence of suppressing people's wishes ad infinitum. The illiterates who paddle this argument should instead answer WHY? Why there are no riots in these states, and in reverse, why are the riots taking place in non-BJP ruled states? What is THEIR explanation? Surely, not that these other parties are anti-Muslims? The likes of Madhu Purnima Kishwar are either blind to the reality -or, worse, choose to look the other way in their sycophantic absolving of the BJP. As @YOGINDER YADAV explained on CNN-IBN tonight, Muslims have been reduced to second grade citizenship in these states. If the positive inference were to be correct it follows that Muslims are BETTER OFF in BJP states. Show us the data to support this. Notice also that the Parsis have NO RIOTS with Hindus, or Muslims. So? [Note: There are some BJP-walas here that will jump to attack this post. My advice to them: Question my facts, offer your counter facts, beat me with data, but do not attempt to bash me with your opinions, for that is what you have been doing here for long.]

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