18 October, 2013


The ASI has started digging a mound near the fort of Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh in Unnao district, to find the alleged 1000-5000 tonnes of hidden gold, as prophesied by a local Sadhu: Shobhan Sarkar, who claims to have been given the secret hideout in his dream.

[I concede that ASI may have been digging earth at various spots routinely where they suspect historic finds, and where early finds reveal some more (as is allegedly the case here), they undertake full-scale digging]

Now regardless of what happens we are the losers

A. If we do FIND the Gold, [and if we do, I should presume it would be a very tiny fraction of the alleged quantities] this could be a find with some probability but it will spawn uncontrollable superstition, heresy, rule of dreams, and a spree of earth digging

B. If we don't - as should more likely happen - we would have cut a very sorry figure, almost comic, in this day and age. The label "the land of the naked fakir" will truly and well apply to us, our snake-charmer image reinforced. How embarrassing and insulting to our scientific and rational force. Including your Groups!

What sayeth thou?

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