26 October, 2013


Every once in a while some or the other leading Muslim Indian comes forth, as if on a plan - often completely unsolicited - offering to FORGIVE Modi, promising to get their community to look beyond 2002, and so on.

First came Vastanvi, then Madani and now Kalbe Ali... That is besides some other self-anointed leaders from Surat, Nadiad, and Ahmedabad

- Who has authorized these biggies to speak for the entire Muslim community of Gujarat, much less of India

- Whoever told them that a lot of secular, constitutional and compassionate Hindus will also similarly "forgive" Modi? Or do they think that these Hindus were about as insincere as these people in their criticism?

- Why are they reducing this merely to a Muslim vs Modi issue?

- And what has significantly changed for them to drop all their much taunted charges except that he has been nominated to the position of the PM by the BJP? [At this rate, if he were to actually become the PM, these worthies would go and seek his forgiveness.]

- Since when has this "seeking forgiveness" become reason enough to forgive grave sins? What if Kasab or Guru sought similar forgiveness? Or what if Bhatkal now seeks it? In my opinion their sins weigh lesser than that of Modi who took an oath to protect the people he became responsible for the killing of.

These "leaders" seem rushed in a race to forgive Modi. What could possibly be the real consideration? Short of imputing motives, I truly wonder how do they reckon what they are doing will benefit the Muslim community at least.

Subramaniam Swamy had loudly proclaimed dividing Muslim community. His wish is being fulfilled at least partially.

May I submit to them that long after they have forgiven Modi, there will yet be some who will continue to insist on the law of the land taking full course and due process. I will be one of them, hopefully. And not the least, because my conscientious Hindu friends wouldn't let me to do such a thing.

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