18 October, 2013


The speech of Narendra Modi that I heard on TimesNow on prime time tonight is sickening to say the least.

If I were not a Gujarati, nor was aware of his gruesome stewardship of Gujarat, nor had known his communalism et al, but if I just heard a couple of speeches of this man, I will know how cheap, how vulgar, how uncouth, unscholarly, uncultured and despicable he is.

This is what he was saying to the cheering galleries:
Our Foreign Minister told the Chinese at a time when China is conducting aggression against India, that he liked Beijing so much as to want to stay there. Then Modi added majestically: Such people should actually live there! [Huge cheers...]

Then he recounted with much exaggeration the blunder of the former FM reading from another, unconnected speech, and made much fun of Mr S M Krishna

Finally, grandiosely, he concluded that we do not have an appropriate foreign policy. He must have said much else, but I disconnected.

A man such as he rising to such heights, truly shakes my faith in the foundations of our democracy. And, indeed, in our civility.

No wonder that he did what he did in 2002 and remains the hero of the uncouth, and the barbarous.

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