13 October, 2013



If this were to happen here is what the headlines would be, both in the media and on TAHZEEB:
1. Corrupt politicians, inefficient administration, lack of sensitivity and concern
2. CM should resign, and if he doesn’t, he should be sacked
3. Result of ignoring Western warnings
4. God’s wrath for ungodly culture

But the reality is reverse.

1. A combination of good governance, use of contemporary science and technology defeated the potentially terrible Phailin Cyclone, losing only about 18 precious human lives where hundreds and even thousands would perish otherwise.
2. The Odhisha govt acted admirably, containing the human losses by timely warning and evacuation
3. The establishment worked round the clock diligently
4. The IMD forecasts were very right, far more accurate than their western counterparts’
5. The Central government, the defense forces and the local agencies acted in sync and are ready to contain the after effects, the epidemics et al

On the other hand the toll in the despicable stampede in Ratangarh temple in Madhya Pradesh claimed over 90 lives in a completely avoidable human made tragedy. Do we now:

1. Condemn the idol gods for whom the pilgrims went, and question their existence, power and compassion?
2. Curse the pilgrims for disorderly behaviour?
3. Educate the people on the futility of such pilgrimage?
4. Hold the priests and the temple trustees accountable and punish them?

By the way, Muslim and Christian readers may have appreciated this last paragraph of mine, and probably agreed with its import. But when similar stampedes take a toll on the Hajj and similar questions are asked of them, the reaction of the Muslims would be very different

Therein lies the problem
God kills, Science saves. Think.

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