17 November, 2013


[Shamim, Sharma, Shankar] 

a. Shamim, comes from a Muslim Indian family. There is no record of his ancestral tree beyond five generations, all of which were Muslims.
b. Sharma is a Hindu Brahmin [supposedly from Aryan ancestry]. There is nothing to suggest his ancestors were not Brahmins too in the previous five generations
c. Shankar comes from a Dravidian-Adivasi background. Apparently his ancestors were Dravidian- Adivasi, too.

Post 1947 an Indian is defined and delineated by the constitution. But pre-partition who is an Indian? A racially pure, Aryan Hindu, or all Hindus? If so which, Brahmin, Rajputs, Adivasi, all?

May I say something like this: We [Arab Muslims] came from Arabia and invaded ourselves [native Indians] damaging our [pre-Islam] culture and traditions?

Much worse, can I say something like this: You [Arab Muslims] came from Arabia and invaded us [native Indians] damaging our [pre-Islam] culture and traditions? Does this effectively translate to : You [Shamim] came from Arabia and invaded us [Sharma] damaging our [Sharma’s] culture and traditions? [leaving Shankar out altogether]

Which of these have Arab / Invader’s ancestry? Why?
Plausibly, Shamim.
a. But what if Shamim’s ancestry comes wholly from Sharma’s or Shankar’s having had no racial connection with the Arabs, but having ideologically converted to Islam?
b. Also what if Sharma’s or Shankar’s ancestors were from the Muslim background and converted to Hinduism several generations ago? Or what if an Arab Muslim took to ascetism and later to Hinduism? And Sharma or Shankar arose in his progeny?
c. What if Sharma’s or Shanker’s ancestors have had sexual relations with those Arabs but had never converted?

At what stage is an Indian Muslim more Indian than Muslim, or more Muslim than Indian? When did he cease to be primarily a Muslim and became primarily an Indian? In other words when he says WE whom does he refer to: Arabs or Indians? Can he say OUR CULTURE implying ancient Indian culture?

Aryan invaders are supposed to have overrun native Dravidians, pushed them down south or up the hills. Assuming Shankar comes from that stock. From his perspective both Sharma and Shamim are invaders. But does anyone recognize Sharma as one?

Do the Hindus of India accept Muslims of India as not having come from Arab stock?

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