01 November, 2013


1. For years create a monster out of the 10% minority and scare the majority to death. Keep creating occasional tensions using religious festivities that can go awry.

2. Provoke a riot, create a pogrom of the majority, incite widespread "reaction" amongst them and patronize a massive carnage of the minorities.

3. Then show the majority how you "fixed" the minority, and become their "messiah" - the Hindu Hriday Na Samrat

4. With this huge and blinding support of an extremely gullible and unreasonably scared majority community, go to the hustings and garner massive political dividends, becoming a dictator from an elected Chief Minister.

5. With this massive voter-support, overlook democratic and political pressures, bulldoze the bureaucracy, dig out good old unimplemented schemes, borrow central schemes, tinker with them here and there, rechristen them, think up a few, and expeditiously implement what satisfies the urban middle class in the first place.

6. Maintain a seemingly clean personal profile by avoiding all relatives and old friends to appear beyond reproach.

7. Show urban superficial development results, hire media and make over artistes and market yourself massively.

 8. Buy, influence, hit the adversaries anywhichway to silence them forever. Begin with the insiders first. Finish all potential challenge within and without.

9. Keep creating regular tamashas, popular shows selling yourself through myriad gimmicks including Vibrant shows, Garbha, Kite Festivals, etc. Keep the half-educated urban youth happy.

 10. Use generously all kind of baloney, propaganda, calumny to build your brand and destroy established brands including Nehru, Congress, Asmita, Ahimsa, Satya... and replace them with macho ones like Samrat, Sher, Lohprush... With this "Development" sufficiently show-cased and a solid constituency of gullible communalized, voters in the pocket, launch image correction with gimmicks such as Sadbhavna. Buy some paid loyalty from the agents of the same minority, impress the gullible non-Gujarati majority, this time with both your "development" and your new-found "secularism". Transform from "My Gujarat" seditious chauvinism to the eagerly soothing "My India".

Sell "Development" publicly [to those apologetic minority haters that loved you all the time but needed an excuse to show it] and macho Hinduism [to those that really matter and will fight your myriad dirty wars] The rest is history. The result?

A potential prisoner becomes the possible Prime Minister! The strategy works in a country such as ours.

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