24 November, 2013


Time was when we were used to hearing "the way to happiness is hard work". Workaholic virtually became sine qua non for success. In the process some of us often also lost sight of the objective behind work.

Times have changed. There is now much emphasis on play. Recreation, free time, quiet time, unwinding, retreat, lay back... et al are in the air, and constitute contemporary management jargon.

Flexitime, fun place etc now define good HR. Boss is now a friend, or should behave like one.

Some go to the extent of not cajoling their children if they do NOT study for weeks, falter at their homework, neglect discipline... They say this inhibits their creativity.

In hindsight I see that a good number of successful people have also got a good time budgeted for leisure and pleasurable pursuits. While the sloggers still bury themselves in work, without break, they do not necessarily produce much.

That life is finite, and death is uncertain dictate that we have some fun today, even as we work to build a better tomorrow.

The question is how does one balance work / discipline / obligations with pleasure / hobbies / fun? What is an ideal mix? Will this defocus work and obligations? Can we go astray to all fun, and not return to work at all? How true is this new paradigm?

What sayeth thou?

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