09 December, 2013


We are quick to doing what we do best: kick the dead lion and sing to the rising stars. No evil appears to the Indian media as heinous as the Congress. Everything that they did comes into question. None of their strategies merits consideration - just because they lost.

And they are going overboard in praising AAP that they, TOO, dismissed a year ago. The TimesNow overdid the black money string barely a week ago, [and I wrote on this page that he did not allow Yogendra and Shazia even to clarify their position]. Today AAP is their undisputed hero, with no flaw whatsoever.

As for NaMo - they find his strategy, appeal, planning everything meticulous, "prime-ministerial".

But let us cool-headedly analyze the results. And then boldly ask: did our voters go wrong? [And, pray, why can't they? Have they come from Mars?]

I dare say democracy failed and voters did go wrong in Delhi and Rajasthan. Sheila deserved to return. And BJP deserved to trail AAP.

And Congress deserved to return in Rajasthan for all the good they did. At least compared with what Vasundra had done in her past tenure.

Equally I think the re-election of Raman Singh and Shivrajsingh Chauhan was befitting, regardless of the high hopes the Congress had pinned.

How would you analyze?

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