20 December, 2013


Various TV Channels including NDTV and CNN-IBN have covered the disturbing situation of the 12000+ riot victims of UP living in makeshift camps in this shivering cold of the north.

Malaria and Diahorrea are reported to have already killed dozens of children in the last two weeks and many more are likely to perish.

Since they are complainants to the cases filed against the Jat Hindus of the disturbed areas, the latter is clearly unwelcoming to their return. They are said to have erected barriers even for the administration to this end.

Carpenters, electricians, landless farmers, fish-catchers, white-washers, painters.. and such like need a market, a hinterland for work. Right now they virtually live outside the system on dolls. This is both demeaning to them and disturbing to us. What will their children grow to be? What sense of belonging can be expected of them? Why will they not harbor vengeful sentiments against the society that stood and watched as they were brutalized?

But despite all the good sentiments there is little we can do. Sending a few thousand rupees will hardly alleviate their problems. What is needed is effective state intervention for their immediate resettlement, rehabilitation and for justice. By all accounts the Samajwadi Party has failed to stand up to the challenge.

If a substantial majority of the INDIAN TAHZEEBians who respond to this thread categorically say so, TAHZEEB intends to send a memorandum to the Govt of UP on behalf of the entire Indian community of the group, demanding immediate and sufficient relief, effective resettlement of the victims and for providing them with satisfactory justice swiftly.

Not that this memorandum is guaranteed to yield any result at all. But this may well become the proverbial last pressure that the SP may dismiss.
Over to you, Indian friends.

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