22 December, 2013


As I key this in, NDTV is asking the Hindu children of the schools Muslims fled in UP about their Muslim friends that studied with them. These pure souls have only one message for their lost friends: COME BACK HOME. WE MISS YOU

Earlier the anchor, Srinivasan, was talking to the Muslim children in the refugee camps. Those dreamy eyed ones living as refugees in make-shift shelters in their own country, lamented they wanted to become "doctors", so that they could 'buy good things', own a car, and so on. They badly miss their Hindu friends, too. And all they now have for studies is a Madarsa that will offer secular knowledge of only up to Vth standard.

Who separated there friends? Who robbed them of their birth right of friendship? Of security, food, clothing. And of dignity? Who killed their dear ones before their eyes? Who reaped the political harvest of this hatred?

Those very same who have mastered this kind of politics are now headed to rule India.

And you want these kids to grow up as law-abiding citizens, in fraternity and harmony? And you expect them to lay their lives for this nation that failed them? That keeps failing them every so often? Rather unrealistic, I must say.

Be one of those kids. THINK honestly what would become of you.

And if you have been a Modi admirer until now, know that this is no match to what was foisted upon Gujarat, which catapulted him to power in the first place. And you expect me to be your friend? I will try. But I can't promise, Friend.

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