28 December, 2013


Welcome TEAM Arvind Kejriwal. They took the oath of office today.

To be fair, Arvind delivered a stirring speech consistent with AAP claims. I liked best his administering an oath to the audience promising not to take or give bribe.

That is the right approach. It is the AAM Aadmi who is both the villain and the victim. It all begins and ends with him. Few politicians trace and fix it there.

But I cannot also fail to notice Arvind's nuanced shift from "we shall do" to "if the 1.5 cr people of Delhi unite we can do it".

Governance is a far more complex exercise and  requires far greater capabilities - beyond integrity and good intentions. I am not necessarily doubting the lack of this understanding on TEAM AAP's part. But this has not been abundantly in evidence so far. Hence I am forced to reserve a judgement.

appeals to me in a person instantly, more than his/her simplicity. My heroes from Gandhiji then to Chunikaka, or Maulana Waheeduddin Khan now [despite many reservations] are people distinguished for their simplicity.

But there is a context to this. In our hero-worshipping, muscle-flexing, terrorism-ridden society it is not advisable for leading public figures to walk the common street. [Imagine the ugly possibility of a frustrated corrupt convict taking his revenge by attacking AK. The riot that will follow may remind the horrors of 1984.]

Finally, amenities like a piloted official car, a larger house nearby, etc are tools of efficiency, not necessarily status symbols. It depends not on their outward manifestation but in the inner spirit of the hero. I salute the men who put these facilities to good use and remain simple, accessible and humble DESPITE using them. Not using these results in inefficiencies leading to wastage. [If AK as the inaugurator of an executives' conference reaches half an hour late due to traffic jam, the time of 1500 participants wasted is a national loss too.]

I conclude by wishing my nation, and its Capital very well. May AAP experiment succeed, and remain free of witch-hunt, political one-upmanship and rancour.

May India be truly rid of the malaise of corruption, and may our democracy become effectively participative.

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