20 January, 2014


By his own admission – even if sarcastic – Arvind has selfconfessed to anarchism. But this goes beyond that.

First the facts as I understood.

1. Bharati, his law minister, suspects some Ugandan girls of drug trafficking and prostitution [yet to be proved]. Gheraos them, and detains them at the dead of night along with his volunteers. [And by some account makes them give urine samples]

2. He summons police and directs a senior officer to raid that house and to arrest these girls

3. The cop declines citing law [need for prior search warrant and a lady police officer, night time detention etc being cited as reasons]

4. An argument ensues. Bharati construes this disobedience and lawlessness.

5. Another incident happens elsewhere, also involving an AAP minister.

6. AAP demands suspension of the five police officers involved

7. Arvind and Police Commissioner meet the Lt Governor who offers to appoint a HC judge to investigate. Arvind declines. Submits a memo to Home Minster but HM declines to suspend them either

8. Then AAP decides to offer a dharna at North Block in front of Shinde’s office

9. Police set up the barricades and stop him and his ministers. Here the entire Delhi govt cabinet intends to sit for another ten days regardless of Republic Day and declare that the Congress is responsible for anything untoward, by not suspending those officers.

10. Meanwhile they expand the demand to transfer police control from central govt to Delhi govt.

The background: Delhi Police comes under the control of the central govt. Transfer of this control to the govt of Delhi state, forms an item on the manifestos of all three major political parties. But even AAP manifesto had not attached any priority to this item. Meanwhile a Delhi court has directed police to book Bharati for causing nuisance. If I got my facts right then here are my observations:

1. AAP realizes that they cannot fulfill all their promises. Lokpal / LokAyukta Bill, Slashing electricity bill, providing educational access in primary schools to all, and what not. AK has also cancelled his Darbar [incidentally he was rescued from it previously by the same Delhi police]

2. So AAP needs a diversion / distraction. It either wants to distract people’s attention from the issues at hand and promises due by now, or to compel the central govt to work to dismiss it or to lead the Congress to withdraw support so that AAP can go down as martyrs.

3. The transfer of police control is by no means an item of priority and nothing would be lost if this were pursued later. Also this dharna was primarily launched demanding suspension of the cops. Only later did they expand the scope.

4. The implications for international relations are not healthy.

5. AK acted either irresponsibly by siding with his erring law minister, or committed a grave error of judgment and unwittingly landed in this situation, or is an extremely cunning person who hoodwinks people by first offering exaggerated promises and then distracting them from these.

My questions:

1. Are the “intellectual” supporters of AAP now disturbed or amused by this anarchy? Do they now regret their hasty trust placed in the party?

2. What if the Central govt accedes to AK’s demands and suspends the cops, and in protest the Delhi Police [justifiably] goes on a strike demanding dismissal of Delhi govt?

3. In the face of the Republic Day threat of terror this diversion of police attention and resources, causing severe discomfort to Delhiites by blocking traffic, supporting Bharti despite strong evidence of over-reach and also of the foul language used by him against Harish Salve and Arun Jaitley etc suggest a callous and arrogant outfit setting a dangerous trend.

My request:

1. Please correct my facts, if there is an error

2. Please challenge my assumptions and observations

3. Please offer your own analysis of the situation

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