01 January, 2014


It is understandable that our young have a short memory. It is also possible that the first time voters did not witness this. But how pardonable is it for the media to completely forget the euphoria the Bengalis felt when Mamta Banerjee came to power in Kolkata, unimaginably dethroning the seemingly unshakable Left Front government.

I see a lot of similarities between Arvind Kejriwal's AAP in Delhi now and Mamata Banerjee's TMC then. And both encashed the pervading sense of anger. The same common man cry, no fare hike, dismantling babudom etc.

She lived even more simply and led an even more austere life. Note that she did not even have a spouse earning a fat salary to support the household.

And the media similarly then saw her effect expanding to the rest of India. TMC was said to be on the way to becoming a major North Indian political party. One today is not sure if Mamata has succeeded even in Kolkata. Of course, Arvind is apparently surrounded by better talent.

But friends, Time, is a merciless teacher. Let us watch what the Teacher has to say.

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