19 February, 2014


 I am on a quest for the truth - wherever and whenever I see it in whatever measure - through my limited resources of understanding. Sometimes this seems to oppose Islamic ideas and at other times to supplement it. But I get to see that angle usually from the reactions received.

 I think earlier they also banned the use of the word ALLAH in Malaysia / Indonesia by non-Muslims. I wondered why. On probing I found that certain terms in Islamic theology have a unique meaning for their predominantly Muslim societies. If used in generic sense by non-Muslims they are likely to create misgivings in the minds of the Muslims and lead to unrest. The original motive for these restrictions was just this. I don't know if subsequently a sinister purpose is attached.

Allow me to cite an example. Allah generically refers to God. Now, if in such a country, a Christian newspaper were to write a headline "The Son of Allah Shall Rise Again" referring to the second coming of Jesus, this would shake the very foundation of Islamic belief, viz, Qul Huwal Lahu Ahad.. Lam Yalid, Wa Lam Yulad [Say, Allah is Sole/Single.. Neither did He beget nor was He begotten]. The situation would be far less volatile if the headline read "The Son of God..."

Personally I wish they had resorted to education rather than censorship.

In the ultimate analysis every religion is against fairness and reason.
19 Islamic words banned for non-Muslims in Brunei

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