09 February, 2014



The ex-Chairman of the SIT probing the Ishrat Jahan encounter case was..?
Mt. Satyapal Singh - ex-Police Commissioner of Mumbai and now a BJP ticket holder.

Congress and Secularism?!! Janaab - Communal Violence Bill in the last 6 months of tenure. Riots have been taking place for ever over the last two years.

And Rajiv Gandhi to balance the Shah Bani imbroglio allowed the shilaniyas.

And @Sam Kadri is cent percent right, [that Satyapal was DM Ayodhya when idol was planted in Babri Masjid]

You will see five Sikhs grilling a hapless Surjewala on DoorKnob Goesbarmy's NewsHour. Can you ever imagine five Muslims - skull cap clad - ever getting to interrogate the Congress or anybody for that matter - on national TV no less?! That simple scenario brings so much home.

Sikhs are a minority - poor souls - they have had their hard times. But in India all minorities are not equally minor. So it is that their SCs enjoy privileges and so do that from the Buddhists - but they had to still fight for it and the inclusion came as late as 1980 after a lot of strife.

It would come to what is being done for Muslim rights and by whom. Before you grant rights you got to have someone to grant them to. And therefore I ask the question - has the Congress ever apologised for not being able to protect Muslims? For having failed! No sir. 

"On a cold winter evening, a company of the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) descended on the Aara Machine Wali Gali at Hashimpura in Meerut and singled out healthy young Muslim men. As dusk fell, the men were taken to the banks of the Ganga canal at Muradnagar, hardly 40 km from Delhi.

The brutal killings there could never have become public knowledge had it not been for two survivors. One of them, Babuddin, a handloom worker from Bihar, survived the .303 barrage from PAC rifles, fired from close range.

Vir Bahadur Singh was then the Congress chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. The party had a majority in the state assembly. The central government was led by none other than Rahul Gandhi's father, Rajiv Gandhi.

Yet, that massacre happened. And similar killings took place elsewhere in Uttar Pradesh: Maliyana, Moradabad, Allahabad, Aligarh et al."

We could talk of the overblown myth of Muslim appeasement and perhaps take refuge in the tenuous argument that these lollipops in some way provide privileges otherwise denied. Like scholarships for educations, reservations, and so on.

I don't even want to go into the myth - the facts don't stack up. Commendable work done by this journo Afroz - they call him the RTI Express. He provides you with some facts - consider this - the SC has got its knickers in a bind about the princely sum of 260 crores the Government of India gives away by way of the Haj Subsidy. The last Kumbh at Allahabad cost upwards of 1800 crores. The next one at Ujjain has got a budget of 2160 crores - approved.

The state is arraigned against the Muslims. That is the simple truth. If not against- it is apathetic to their needs. People around you - now they are a different matter. 

When i go looking for a house on rent in Bombay - I know some societies are off limits. But then there are many that are open - I have lived here almost all my adult life. You do not see the ugly face of discrimination as you climb higher up the totem pole. But then how high - Shah Rukh Khan? Emraan Hashmi was denied the chance to buy a flat in a society in Bandra. One in which a Christian friend of mine does stay!! 

There is a word for it. It is called Islamophobia.

And you do notice that the Congress has not made a hue and cry about Satyapal - it is the media that notices these things. Most things where Muslims are hard done by the BJP. Harish Salve and his dubious conflict of interests when serving as Amicus Curiae. So on and so forth. The NCERT imbroglio - the academics raised a hue and cry.......the examples are endless.

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