27 March, 2014


Some Hindus / pro-Hindutva websites seem to suggest that Muslims are mighty scared of Modi. And that is why they want him defeated.

This is only partially true. Some indeed are. But there are others who are scared for a different reason: the counter reaction that his election will produce is scary, too.

Some Muslims love India and its Hindus the same way as so many Hindus love it and its Muslims. Both these tribes want peace and tranquility. And this man's election is tantamount to challenging this.

Indeed, it is intimidatory and humiliating for the sensitivity of 18 cr Muslims and their at least as many Hindu sympathizers. India's pro-Modi Hindus need to answer these people why they chose only this man of 1.2 billion Indians. They should hold themselves to account for the consequences of this election, just as Afghanistan was held to account for hosting Osama Bin Laden, or Pakistan will be held if it elects Hafiz Sayeed as its PM.

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