07 April, 2014


The villain of the romance and the currency of the pandit, horoscope mismatch has ruined more lives than its matching has built.

"Manglik" is a curse akin to the suffering of a young, eternal widow. Great, highly eligible girls remain unwed because of this supposedly heavenly curse.

Here is a real-life exchange abruptly concluding a potentially promising relationship between two responsible young people, wrought by the villainy of the horoscope matching. Yours to ponder

[Names and specific identity references have been withheld]


SHE [informing of the horoscope mismatch] Just had a discussion with Papa, and he told me he has

gotten our horoscopes matched in detail. There are a lot of planetary mismatches in this combination and both the people we know advised we cant go ahead with this. Might sound very traditional, but parents are a bit more careful since I have already been through so much.

I wish you weren't such a great person to talk to, it would've been so much easier to write this. :-\

Anyways, tonnes of good wishes your way & prayers you find your soul-mate soon. Please pray for me too. :-)

And yes, we can always stay in touch. I will keep you informed about un-bucketing my overflowing bucket list.





I have always believed that Universe offers each one of us a flawless diamond - in the rough, only if you are willing to polish off every part of you that cannot join do you end up with a soulmate. It is "us" that are the generating point of the quality of our relationships. Celine said if there is any kind of God in this world, it wouldn't be in any of us, not you or me, but just this little space in between. The space in

which we treat each other. And it is in our hands how we do that and find our God.

People think nothing of devoting a year to learning a new sport, two years to learning a new language, decades to gettting the degrees they want, and half a century to reach the top of their profession. But somehow a great love should fall unbidden from the stars. The current belief is that if a couple has to work at it, they are not soul mates. In fact they are just departing from the plan just in seeing each


A relationship only works when two people truly believe in themselves and believe they have been picked to be together by all the angels in the heaven. There are no warts on the face of the Universal law.

Anyways, it is unfortunate that in whatever time I had, I wasn't able to inspire enough confidence that you would stop believing the planets and believe in real people.

Goodbyes make me crazy. When someone leaves, I can't fully recover. Each one of us is made up of such specific beautiful details that it is impossible to replace someone. I notice those things and I'll miss them. I am staring at the book I bought, will probably shed a good-bye tear and get lost in the night as the music plays me company. May be I have become a little vulnerable. I don't even know why am I writing all this.

When morning comes, there will be another tune to greet my day. Without malice and much love!




This isn't easy for me either, equally tough. Before & after writing that email to you on Thursday night, I wasn't at peace. Was taking Mom around the city for her shopping, but the mind was wandering. And even tougher since we have talked to each other quite a few times now. I told her twice, how must he be feeling? I had no courage to ask you! I understand your perspective, but I have no choice since my family does believe in horoscope matching, cautious at every step that they are.

I am a very emotional person too. In everyone I meet, I find all the goodness and the Gods within. And that sometimes makes life so difficult for me. Attached very soon, detached I guess never! It has been very very difficult for me to let this go. That is why I had asked Dad to get the horoscopes matched immediately before we dived deeper into this & would be impossible to come out of it later.

You are a wonderful human being and it has always been very heart warming to talk to you. You are TOO good to be TRUE! I sincerely wish you get all the happiness in you deserve.

Do not shed a single tear, for there is no 'good-bye forever' here.

Take Care,

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