10 May, 2014


1. What is the need of marriage and family in society? …can’t there be some other better alternative ?

2. In case of any man or woman, with whom he or she can marry and with whom he or she can’t ? (answer should cover all blood relations also )…and what is the rationale ?

3. In case of countries with unequal male and female population is there anything wrong in marrying more than one male or female ?, (as now there is foolproof methods of deciding paternity available ) .

4. In case of rationalist (obviously most enlightened) married couples, why can’t they have extra marital relations as much as they want, as long as they are fulfilling their other duties as a husband or wife properly ? is there something called ‘loyalty’ needed in such relations ? ...…if yes …then why ? …if no…then why ? ...and after all what is need to establish paternity ? ....similarly what is the problem if their post pubertal kids engage in sex as far as they can avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases by many available means ??

5. Where according to rationalists is the compilation of their set of rules and their rationale behind these, regarding all the morality related issues ? ,..where a person can approach to get all his answers perfectly. … Is it a book ? ,…or a highest body of world’s best selected rationalists ? ….or something else ? …or you people don’t feel that it is a must to have and leave it to each rationalist to decide by himself or herself ? (no doubt with obvious end result ).

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